What is Cooperative Arts News?

The Mission...
The organization was created for the purpose of helping cooperative member arts organizations build audiences by supporting each other. CAN will send notifications to list members with news of member organizations' upcoming events and other arts news of interest.

The Rules...
1) Since this is a "cooperative" of arts organizations supporting each other, member groups who would like to post notices, agree to "receive" notifications from other member groups in return. Individuals will have the option at any time to "opt-out" if they choose not to receive future notifications by e-mailing the publisher.

2) In order to preserve the integrity and quality of the postings to this list and to prevent any unwanted "Spamming," all notifications that member groups want to send through this notification list must come through the publisher. Groups simply send an e-mail notification to the list manager with a descriptive write-up and it will be sent as part of the monthly CANotice publication.

If at anytime, you would like to be removed from this e-mail list or if you are a new organization that would like to join, please e-mail the publisher and your request will be acted upon in a timely manner.

As always, thank-you for supporting the performing arts in the North Texas area!

David Witherspoon
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